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Now shipping—View The Starfish Throwers in your own home!

A portion of the DVD purchase price will go to charitable organizations, including those featured in the film—Katie's Krops, Akshaya Trust, and Minneapolis Recreation Development. In addition to those three, you will also be supporting Feeding America with your purchase.

Our DVD includes the 83 minute film (closed captioned) and more than 50 minutes of special features, including audio commentary from Director Jesse Roesler and editor Bill Kersey.

Other special features include:
- Allan Law: A teacher and a father
- Film Festival Q&A with Allan, Katie, Director Jesse Roesler and Editor Bill Kersey
- 300 Moments in India
- "The Sandwich Man" a viral short film featuring Allan Law
- "Katie's Krops" a short film featuring Katie Stagliano
- Allan Law's voicemail to Director Jesse Roesler
- Kickstarter Video
- Film Trailer

Home Use Only—
As a copyrighted entity, The Starfish Throwers DVD is for your private home use only, with your normal circle of family and social acquaintances. We hope you'll share it with them and discuss how you might give back in your own community.

If you intend to show the DVD in any other setting/venue or to larger groups, you must purchase public performance rights (PPR) via a community or educational kit from our distributor Collective Eye (www.collectiveeye.org). A direct link is here: bit.ly/TST_CommunityScreening

Also, libraries looking to purchase copies to check out to members must obtain their copy through Collective Eye as well, either with or without Public Performance Rights (PPR).

More detail on applicable copyright law can be found here:

It may take up to 7-10 business days to process your order, plus shipping time.